Call sepuas hatimu kepada 3 insan tersayang dengan menggunakan #DiGiSuperBuddyz!

September 03, 2011

kenapa anda perlu menggunakan DG super Buddyz??????? 

haa ni sebabnya ye...


Need to tell your buddy every single detail about your romantic date? Just hung out with your buddy but still need to constantly update them about what’s going on?
If this sounds like you, fear no more. Make free calls & SMS to 3 Buddyz™ 24 hours everyday with DiGi® Easy Prepaid Super Buddyz. Just subscribe to Super Buddyz by dialing *128*1*3#, for only 99sen/day.
If you are not on the DiGi Easy Prepaid plan, purchase the SIM pack now for only RM16.80! Keeping connected to your Buddyz has never been this easy!

haaa ni plak pelan DiGi yang berbaloi2 tuw
Super Buddyz™
If you are a DiGi® Easy Prepaid customer, sign up for Super Buddyz™ to make FREE calls and send FREE text messages to your three Buddyz™ ALL DAY, every day!
Subscription Fee99sen / day
Voice Calls to Buddyz™FREE (to all 3 Buddyz™)
SMS to Buddyz™FREE (to all 3 Buddyz™)

haaaa korang tokan je kat sini.... sebat aaaa mr DiGi tuw...

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2 Comment

  1. owh.. line Digi kat umah sya x bagus.. hehehe

  2. x pa ... boleh guna kat luar.. kat rumah pakai line rumah telekom je.. jimat


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